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Ruthy, Nili & Pamm Yavne - Israel
It’s difficult to choose “the best”. I enjoyed all the different bruschettas, and the pasta with the green tomato sauce, and the chicken in wine and vinegar, and the chocolate cake the best We had a wonderful cooking experience and have fallen in love with Elena It was perfect!!!!!! An experience that I will never forget.
Julia, Audrey & G San Antonio - USA
We loved the experience and had a great time. When we saw the original menu of what was to be prepared, we were a bit disappointed because it sounded so simple. Green beans (duh, anyone can do that) and chicken thighs. But it was so exciting to see the transformation from plain green beans to a delicately flavored side dish and from common poultry to a fantastically flavorful and unique entree. So Tuscan, too, with the mixture of herbs and wine and of course, olive oil! It wasn't a cooking show it was cooking teamwork. And although the translator was there, Elena's actions and enthusiasm spoke volumes in the universal language of the love of food. The kitchen was comfortable and the dining room was magnificent. We felt like a big family enjoying the fruits of our labor in our own villa. It was a great ending to the day.
Caitlin - USA
I had never taken a cooking class before and decided to splurge and take one while on vacation in Italy. My class at Cucina con Vista was a wonderful treat. Elena (the Chef/instructor) transformed the experience into more than just a cooking class. Elena gave instruction with professional insight. I learned lots of new cooking techniques. A native Florentine, she educated me on both food and Italian tradition. Together we made a multi-course lunch — appetizer, a vegetable dish, a pasta dish, a main course and a fabulous dessert, all served with wonderful Italian wines. Then the three of us sat down to eat: the whole experience was one I’d recommend to others visiting Florence.
Jane & Vincent New York City - USA
Please send Elena our thanks for a WONDERFUL time at her classes! While in Florence we took 3 different cooking classes and as I have told all the other yours was absolutely the BEST! We found yours to be the most informative, educational and best of all the most fun! Elena, your passionate enthusiasm for all things Florentine and cooking related was most visible and contagious (not in any bad sense of infection!). We totally enjoyed our time with you and have already, and will gladly in the future, recommend your classes to anyone even considering a cooking class in Tuscany.
Barbara & Joyce Cincinnati - USA
I enjoyed actually preparing the food. I learned many things I never knew during the lesson. I really appreciated the all vegetarian menu. I truly enjoyed my day and the food was great. Thanks again for everything and once again, I had a great time.
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