Per noi, ogni lezione è un’opportunità per incontrare nuove persone e condividere con loro la passione per la cucina e per la cultura fiorentina.
Hai fatto il corso con Elena? Condividi la tua esperienza con noi!
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Carol Oune New York - USA
I just returned from taking the 4-day cooking course with Chef Elena. I was looking for a personal hands-on experience with a professional chef and Chef Elena provided it all. I had the best time learning wonderful techniques and secrets to cooking amazing Italian meals. We started each day with a beautiful basket of fresh produce and/or meat and I couldn't wait to see what we would make. Everything was so delicious, it would be too hard to pick a favorite dish. We made a full meal with each day's lesson, so I could easily prepare one of the day's lesson for a dinner party with friends. I would highly recommend Cucina con Vista to anyone interested in learning about Italian cuisine from a professional and personable chef. Grazie Mille, Chef Elena!
GIGI Quezon City - Philippines
Had a great two day private class with Chef Elena and Jean. I learned a lot of techniques and also managed to practice some of my Italian. The recipes were very simple but very delicious. Chef Elena gave me a lot of tips especially since I am in the wine industry.
Peter Casa Brisbane - Australia
My wife & I thought Elena's cooking school was one of the main highlights of our trip to Italy. Being an Australian with parents of Italian decent the food was as good as my mum makes - with a few extra chef tips to make it even better!
Family Jones III Portland, Oregon - United states
Absolutely the best culinary experience ever. We were welcomed into a wonderful home & kitchen where we learned Tuscan cooking techniques which will forever change our thoughts on the preparation and sharing our tastes of Tuscany. Hopefully we can inspire you time spend time with Elena in her kitchen and learn from her as we did.
Lobraico Family Toronto - Canada
We contacted Elena based on a friend's recommendation, and we were so very happy that we did. Our cooking lesson with Elena was one of the highlighs of our trip to Italy. Elena arranged a day of shopping in the market (Jean was a great tour guide at the market!)and then a winery tour with great food and wine tasting at the very beautiful Villa Le Piazzole. In the afternoon we worked under Elena's guidence to create an exceptional meal. There was great learning and fun throughout the day - Elena could not have been a better host. We left that evening feeling like we'dd been a part of a special experience. We also left with some great information about cooking Italian cuisine. We would highly recommend a cooking class with Elena to anyone looking for something fun, informative and very special to do while they are in Florence! On behalf of all of us THANK YOU Elena! Michael Pat and family
Melinda Berger New York - United States
I was looking for a truly Tuscan cooking experience with a chef that lasted for more than one day and it was harder to find than you would think. When I found Chef Elena I knew I was in good hands because I read the article in Food & Wine magazine and because my communications with her were always accommodating. I wanted a truly Tuscan experience, not the usual tourist experience of a cooking class that they have for Americans in large groups that are completely impersonal. This was exactly the opposite experience, it was very personal and I got exactly what I was looking for. A warm host, who taught me the fundamentals of the Tuscan kitchen in a beautiful Florentine Palazzo, with high quality ingredients. Everything we made was delicious and I only hope to have this experience again! Th
Paul & Tricia London - United Kingdom
Ciao Elena Thank you very much for the wonderful day we spent with you in Firenze. Your passion for your craft is wonderful and it was a privilege to spend a day with you. I am already looking forward to making the pear cake - I couldn't stop thinking about it all holiday! The techniques we learned were also so interesting - not something that you can pick up from a book. I also thoroughly enjoyed the fact that you spoke to us in Italian throughout and I hope our paths cross again either in the UK, Italy or South Africa. With very best regards, Paul and Tricia
Jennifer DePalma Vermont - USA
I took my 80 year old mother to Firenze for the sole purpose of going to Chef Elena's cooking school for 4 days. It was the BEST trip you could ever imagine. Through Chef Elena's expertise and passion for italian cuisine we learned not only the fabulous family recipes but also the Italian techniques and timing needed to make Italian cuisine. Her assistant Jean is a delight and is always there to help you. I wish I could have spent more time with the two of them. I highly recommed this course to any and all who have a passion for fabulous food, friends and wine. I am already making plans for my next trip to come learn some more from Chef Elana and Jean. I can't thank them enough for such a wonderful culinary experience.
Susan Van Allen Los Angeles - USA
Wow--this is a wonderful class where you really LEARN traditional Florentine cuisine. Elena teaches with great focus as the room fills with mouthwatering aromas. We made a Ragu bianco that I can't wait to try at home, along with homemade pasta and the dishes that surrounded it--vegetable crostini and veal cutlets (delicately sauced) and crema pasticcera dessert all blended together to make one of the most delicious meals I have ever had in Italy. Grazie!
Fiona & Barnie Vienna - Austria
Having never cooked a single warm meal in our entire lives, we were very nervous when my brother gave us a four-day cooking course in the heart of Florence as a wedding gift. And yet, from the first second we held a knife, Elena inspired and empowered us, teaching us the correct and efficient skills without ever making us feel like the beginners that we were. And with every day, our confidence and abilities grew immensely, to the point that shortly after we got accustomed to the Florentine cooking rhythm, we truly felt like chefs that not only appreciated her elegant and tasteful culinary mastery but also actively contributed and played a leading role in it. (And we must emphasize that we REALLY enjoyed the delicious four course meal that we not only made but also devoured at the end of every day’s cooking course!) Being able to learn from a true chef and from the legend of the restaurant scene in Firenze that Elena is- a chef who actually lets you make the dishes yourself- was a great feeling that left us proud and confident in our newly acquired skills. And on a personal note, we would have gladly spent a whole month laughing, learning from and getting to know the culinary secrets of the wonderfully warmhearted and generous soul that Elena is, as well as her talented and helpful assistant Jean. We will be back soon, four days just weren’t enough with you, Elena! Having returned from Tuscany just five days ago, we have already cooked three tasty meals after never having cooked before! Thank you for that, Elena...
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