Lapo Magni, son of Elena Mattei and chef in his own right, continues his mother’s philosophy with passion.

Lapo recently received important national recognition as winner of the famous culinary program ‘La Terra dei Cuochi’ , which aired on the RAI 1 Italian television channel in May 2013.

His cuisine is based on tradition with fresh and new interpretations that do not at all alter the flavors and aromas, but rather enhance their characteristics with simple lightness.

Lapo lives in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa, where he worked as a chef in the famous Blues Restaurant, and has since embarked on a new culinary adventure at the Old Biscuit Mill with his own ‘Risotto Bar’.

He speaks fluent English and is available to organize cooking classes in South Africa, in some of the most beautiful places on the African continent.

Lapo is a chef destined for great International success. He works in the culinary field 360 degrees and is an added value to Chef Elena Mattei’s expertise. He often returns to Italy to help his mother in cooking classes for large groups and together they create an enchanting and unique experience.

Lapo Magni won the TV talent show “Terra dei Cuochi”
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